Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jumped In: Tyler Johnson

Let me set the scene for the first time that I met my great friend Tyler Johnson.

It was the June 2009 Future Tense event at the I-90 Tunnel, the first that I had ever attended. There were some sprint events and if I recall, best wheelie trick and maybe pogos? All the excitement though, at least for me, was building for the trick competition. I had some serious anticipation jitters. This was the second time that I had really ridden in front of other like minded bike people as well. Zach called my name and up and away I rolled. After a few full cab attempts I hear this:

Tyler: What kind of frame is that?
Me: A Volume.
Tyler: A what?
Me: A Volume!
Tyler: Oh, maybe you should speak with more volume.

That was it. What a jerk. Can't you tell from the photo above taken by Mike Carosello

Now this is a first for us at CSK, here is an exclusive look at the second time that I talked with Tyler.

Fast forward one month to the July Future Tense under I5 at Ravenna Boulevard. This was the premiere event of the summer. A ton of sponsors, a huge crowd, even ramps. At some point during the evening I rolled up next to Tyler. This is what unfolded:

Me (extending hand for handshake): Hey, I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jacob.
Tyler: I know who you are.

That was it. Again. Somewhere between then and now, we broke through the awkward introductions and worked our way into a solid friendship.

Right: July 2009 Future Tense. Bunny Hop Contest Finals. By Jordan Nicholson

Alright, enough of the joking around. We here at CSK are very excited to introduce Tyler and initiate him in to the family. He has been with us from the start, so it would only be right. Tyler excels at everything he sets his sights on, both on and off the bike. His determination and confidence to succeed is something that can only be experienced. Even more so, he shares this enthusiasm with those around him and encourages and challenges them to achieve to their potential. Tyler is detail oriented but always manages to keep his sights set on the big picture. It seems that every Friday we meet up he's got exciting news to share, be it travel plans with work, or the next bike project about to take off. He is passionate and believes in what he does.

If it's true that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, I can only hope that these traits are ones that I can adopt. Don't let his handsome looks (or a first impression) sway you otherwise. Please take the time to get to know Tyler Johnson. Welcome to CSK.

Tyler "I've yet to receive a nickname" Johnson, and I would like to mention I am half of the originating CSK crew!

CSK: I wanted to get this out of the way first. Are you really putting a freewheel and disc brakes on your bike or was that just a nasty rumor someone started?
TYLER: I definitely want to build up a freewheel rear wheel for my SKYLMT so that I can do dirt jumping in the summer time. Brakes are just annoying though!

Is model life really as glamorous as it looks?
I wish it was, but no it's not really that special. It's surprisingly tiring as well, but it's a lot of fun and good for making connections.

How have you been spending your time recently? Traveling? Working?
I have been traveling a ton this year already. So far in 2012 I have been gone a month... I have only ridden maybe 4 times this year, which sucks, but each time I ride I have a blast so that is great. Also working a ton each day, similar to you, so the weekends are becoming the only time I can ride. Which means that when it rains on the weekend, we ride a parking garage.

Any chance we could get a CSK x Blackbird collabo? Maybe a one off?
I'll hook you up with something. Maybe we get a nice lil screen print instead of embroidery? We'll figure it out. Blackbird button down shirts will be coming in this week, and they are amazing. It is the grey shirt that I wore basically everyday while filming my SKYLMT part.

Top three highlights from your last trip to Europe.
GIRLS, ICELAND, and French people calling me a skinhead.

What’s on the 2012 agenda for SKY LMT? Do you have a mantra for the year?
Frames will be available soon. Introducing new frame model. Version 2 of the bars. There will be loads of soft goods, and a few new parts. Mantra is GO. Go for it, be pro-active, and be continually bettering oneself.

On a rainy day, Hot Mammas or P6 parking garage? Why?
I would normally say P6 because I love the parking blocks, but when we road there last Saturday it was not that fun. Also there was poop water overflowing out of the pipes, and that is a huge negative for that spot. Hot Mammas it is.

Right: Tyler boosting off the Hot Mamma's Bank (RIP), by Zach Hoffner

Presta or Schrader?
Whatever tube you are carrying because I never bring my bag? :)

To you, what does CSK represent?
Collared Shirt Krew= friends, dressing up to ride our bikes, punks, sheenanigans, and F U N.

Do you have any questions for me?
Yes, when can we expect a book from you?
It's in the works, I'm just looking for a publisher.

Why are your hobbies the same things that grandmas like to do?
What else besides the cross stitch is something that grammas do? Go to bed when it's still light out?

What is it going to take for me to push you to barspin a 5 stair?
Give me until the end of June. And I'll pick the 5 stair. deal?

Left: Boat Park Barspin. Zach Hoffner

Hugs and Kisses,


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