Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jumped In: Chris Clappé

The infamous “The Butcher” video was released almost 3 years ago (March 2009, where did the time go?). At the time I was still in New York at school and was desperate to get back to Seattle to hopefully catch a ride on the wave of progress excitement going on. Can you tell what a fan I was? (see first comment and second "like" right after Nasty, haha). First thing I did was try to wear out my shoes just like his to that custom pattern that only comes from doing hundreds of toe slides.

I first met Chris in May of 2009 in front of the Whole Foods in downtown Seattle. Needless to say, I was star struck. I think he was out on a break but I distinctly remember him being stoked on my bike (maybe even jealous because not even 2 months later we had twin setups). He pulled some big spins on it and I was content. Doesn’t someone say that copying is the greatest form of flattery?

Any ways. that was the REVIVAL summer and we spent a lot of hours in the streets, riding and getting to know each other. I remember the routine pretty much went like this: get a call at 2:00, ride to the city, ride out to the current spot of choice, and repeat the following day.

Since then, the schedule, the riding, the bikes, and friendship have evolved together. Chris is the real deal. His creative and fluid riding speaks for itself. In lieu of getting too sentimental, he has been a huge supporter and promoter for life progress both on and off the bike over the past few years. He is content with just cruising, on the hunt for new spots, or riding the same old parking lot each consecutive rainy Sunday. I truly value his friendship. I am proud to have him officially among the ranks.

Take a look at what he had to say in response to the welcome to the gang interview.

My name is Chris Clappe' and I ride bikes for Holdfast, Balhogs, and Zlog (and now CSK)

CSK: So we’ve all be dying to know, are you actually a butcher?
CHRIS: haha, whos we? and yes im a butcher by day

When was the last time you threw a barpsin?
3 bikes ago

*This may very well be one of his last 180 bars*

You’re still holding down those Big Boy tires, right? You’re currently riding one of the few 700c specific frames with negative bottom bracket drop. Can you tell us about it or have you been sworn to secrecy?
im definitely the happiest ive ever been with this bike. Its the first time I dont wanna change anything. If your tryin to stay on 29ers, negative bb is the way to go.

If you could only pick 1 spot within a 5 block radius of you apartment to ride, which would it be and why? (if you have a photo, even a cell phone picture that would be good)
Boat park for sure. I've been riding there for a few years now and I can still go there and find new stuff to mess around on. Its one of the only places in the city where I can ride during the work week and not have to worry about crowds of people or security. (*see the newest edition to the park here*)

Favorite part on your bike?
I really like the sidepull Tree hub I got from the homie Sam at Holdfast.

What’s on the horizon for you, what do we all need to be on the look out for?
I've been working on a Holdfast edit that I hope I can finish within a month or so. And just hoping to stay healthy, stay riding and having a good time with buds.

Favorite Vegetable?
pizza ('s a link)

When is your next solo edit going to be out, and are you going to pull the double handlebar grind?
haha, within a month or so and i've gotta find the perfect spot first.

Presta or Schrader?

To you, what does CSK represent?
Crazy Sexy Kool

Do you have any questions for me?

Can you believe that Whitney Houston was seeing Brandys little brother Ray J before she died?
I don't know much about that kind of pop culture.

How many grams of sugar in a Dr. Skipper can?
That's a trade secret. Plus, it's now Dr Dynamite.

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