Friday, December 7, 2012

Tre and his USA Cycling Mechanic License - Leveraging Life Long Learning Opportunities

Tre (far right) mean mugging and beanie wearing
A few weeks ago I visited Tre at the shop and he shared some exciting news. He was packing up and headed out to Colorado Springs to embark on an intensive 5 day clinic to receive his USA Cycling Mechanic's License. As one of a select 60 people, Tre spent the week in both lectures and workshops covering a range of topics including bicycle material construction and design, race support techniques, as well as career and program development. The group took a field trip and toured the 7-Eleven U.S. Olympic Training Center Velodrome which Tre was quite excited about. 

Tre has already invested quite a few years in to his maintenance career and is an exemplary model for what Life Long Learning is all about.

He's makes it a priority and it is evident through both his passion and actions for pursuing and leveraging opportunities and experiences to enhance his skill set.

I've told him before that I would only let the best mechanic press in my bottom brackets but I didn't think he would really go through all this trouble.

Congratulations Tre, this is definitely an achievement worth celebrating.

Take a peak HERE for and article about the program

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