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Gus Molina - Jumped In

Happy New Year - Gus Circa January 2012 - DB
Please help me welcome Gus Molina to the CSK California Division. Though he has been down with us for quite some time, I wanted to take a moment to recognize and share a few things about him. Needless to say, this is long overdue (I've actually been leading him on for an interview for well over half a year. Can't say I'm not glad to have seen it through). Gus is a pioneer and has led the charge both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes for a good few years. We've crossed paths on many occasions and i've enjoyed each unique interaction. His outgoing character and personality stood out to me immediately. Gus shreds a bike and life. He is an asset to this team and we are so stoked to have his support.

Almost all pictures used in this post are thanks to the one and only Dave Beard. Others were supplied via Gus.

Fence Smash - Somewhere in California - Late 2012 - DB
CSK: Please introduce yourself, give us any kind of relevant information we might need to know about you before we get personal.

Gus: My birth name is Gustavo Edward Molina , but you all have to call me dragon. All you need to know is I love my dog roman shout out to that doo doo head.

*Here are 3 more things that you may not know about Gus.

  - Gus' first language wasn't English. In fact, he didn't learn it until he was about two and a half.
  - Gus didn't learn how to swim until he was 17.
  - Gus is deathly afraid of clowns. All types of them.

What would you say are the top 3 perks of living and riding in southern California?

Living wise:
The beach and last but most certainly not least Mexican food.

Riding wise:
It's sunny about 85% of the year we have a lot of street spots and good ditches California is not all skateparks like some people may think haha
What spot are you currently riding the most? What’s the set up like?
Lately I've been riding these jersey barriers I've been fucking around on a lot for some part I got in the works haha
You seem to go out on a lot of missions and seek out some crazy set ups. What kinds of tools do you bring along on the expeditions?
Um tools? My bike is the only tool yeah need haha
I don't ever really modify a spot to often to ride it haha

Expedition - Full Pipe - Late 2012 - DB

Gus can wrestle his bike. Clip from the Wrahw Dad himself outside of Milwaukee.

Who’s Dave Beard and how come he takes so many pictures of you?

Dave beard is my boy. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have gotten any sort of exposure I owe a lot of it too him. And he takes pictures because he good at it haha check his site

I know you are an artistic fellow. You designed Congo’s HF straps, a shirt for TTV and used to make zines a while back. Did you go to school for art or just something you’ve picked up?

Yeah I went to art school for graphic design for two years got way to expensive so I dropped out hahaha but no I got a job a design firm so I'm doing ok. I've always liked art since I was a kid I just like creating things haha
Congoloid Hold Fast Straps - Photo Credit Hold Fast
What’s a typical day in the life like for you? Work day and non-work day.
Work day:
Roll outta bed with just enough time to get dressed leave for work get back home around five hang out maybe ride if anyone's down haha
Days off
Hanging out hardcore doing whatever riding Disneyland the beach any kind of adventure I can get into for the day. I normally try and take full advantage of my day
What’s your favorite part on your bike right now?
I'm currently really digging my unknown wheelset shout out to vinnie for that !
Current Set Up - Insane Seat
My favorite part on your bike right now is your seat. I have a slight obsession with them. What did you use to cover your new signature Wrahw seat? And when is the how-to video dropping?
Thanks man! I snaked one of my dads old jackets I think it's like ostrich skin or some shit haha I would love to do a how to as soon as I lock in the process myself hahaha
So. What’s the deal with Disney? Did you drink the kool aid or is it really that much of an awesome place? I’ve never been so maybe I just don’t know what I’m missing out on.
Hahaha I drank the pineapple whip. It's just a really fun place I just got lost in all the whimsical -ness there hahaha
Gus did the Wolfdrawn back in March 2011 while modeling his signature nosepick shirt - DB

This Gus' Welcome to Cultur edit released back in December of 2010. Love the line at the 1:44 mark, bar up a curb to nollie double peg. Fedora made the clip though.

To you, what does CSK represent?
A brotherhood like a sons of anarchy of fixed gears haha but seriously grassroots type shit that I love being a part of.
Do you have any questions for me?
What do you do for a living? I notice you're always in long beach for random burst at a time so I'm just being nosey haha

I used to be in the beverage industry but now I'm baking. Long Beach is a quick one and a half hour flight and and a guaranteed 15 degrees warmer than Seattle on any given day. Plus, there is a really great spot with comfy couches to sleep on and some cool dudes to hang out with as well.

180 Tree Bonk - Old - DB

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