Monday, January 30, 2012

Jumped In: Matt Spencer

We have yet another new member to introduce to kick off the week.

Please welcome Long Beach's Matt Spencer.

I met Matt at a bar in Brooklyn adjacent to the BQE, also at the 2010 BFF. The first thing I thought to myself was, is this guy 21 yet? I vaguely remember talking to him that evening, but not too much more. Sorry for the fuzzy recollection, guess it doesn't make for a great story. Anyways...

Matt is the brains behind Wolfdrawn which as of late has spawned the KVLT KLIPS edit series, now totaling 8 strong. Though he spends a sizable amount of time behind the camera documenting the Fixie Factory antics, he also crushes it on a bike. Matt is still riding the big boy wheels but that doesn't seem to inhibit him much. (*Edit* ...still waiting for the 29er simile to the "700c don't limit me" phrase). He has developed a trademark style that is a diverse collection of technical maneuvers and huge airs. We here at CSK are really excited to have Matt on our side and are looking forward to working with him in 2012.

I asked Matt for some background information to start off the interview and below is what he provided. Enjoy.

Riding for 4 years. 22 y/o. Sponsors are Volume, Resist, City Grounds, Phoenix, VAGX. i have done shrooms.

CSK: So you’re fixie famous and run a blog, right? Where did the name Wolfdrawn come from and what does it mean?

MATT: Yea, I needed a place to post my content when I bought my camera and it kinda all started from there. Um...It really has no meaning. It was this song I liked back in the day by Emancipator and I choose it for all

my other social networks so when I made my blog I couldn't think of anything that great so I just kept the name going.

What motivates you to ride, and why of all places do you live in Long Beach? When I came down and visited I saw a ton of fixies, what’s the bike scene like down there and who do you ride with most often?

I honestly started riding fixed gears in the beginning because I was bored. Used to race motocross for 16 years, ended up choosing to retire that and move to Long Beach to start college. I had nothing to do so I was

about to get a road bike when I saw a craigslist add for a track bike and that was that. The bike scene in LB is insane right now. When I first started riding I knew of 3 other people who rode fixed. Now there has to

be at least 150 kids in Long Beach who ride FGFS which blows my mind. So many high school kids are getting into the scene which I am stoked on, just makes it a more legit hobby. Started riding with Congo way

before we ever did tricks. We would end up just messing around at rides and I think that is what started it all. Been riding with him and Corey forever and now Antonyo moved into the Fixie Factory.

You’re the master director behind the KVLT KLIPS series. Do you always ride with the intention of filming or ever just go out for the hell of it?

I get tired of lugging my Canon around with all the equipment. I just end up bringing my flip cam, which everything in the KVLT KLIPS are filmed with. I love editing a lot so its nice just having clips to mess around

with all the time. Really wasnt any intention of even having a serious but everyone I come out with people seem to be stoked on.

What is the set up at your go to warm up spot?

We live pretty much in down town so there is a grip of different things to hit up and we live real close to a mess around pre-fab park. Really I just stretch ride before the sesh and I am good for whatever.

You just got back from trip to Texas, give me the top 5 highs and lows of the trip.

1. Pissy dying...almost.

2. Food! BBQ, texmex, breakfast tacos, and trailor food venders.

3. The spots. If you caught my ATX spot post you could see there was everything from jib, to creative street spots, to the most insane banks.

4. Everyone I met in Texas was so damn cool. Seriously already planning another trip in summer.

5. Getting wild with all the dudes. Can't remember some of the nights we went out drinking but it was definitely fun haha.

Outside of bikes, how do you spend your time?

I nerd out on music a lot. Spend a lot of my time surfing the internet for music blogs, fashion blogs, deep internet, and all that good stuff. I also go to school full time pursuing a bfa in graphic design. I also go to some weird shows
sometimes. Like the other day I went to this underground cyber goth club and everyone was industrial vogueing.

Presta or Schrader?

Right now im actually rocking 50/50 on my mtx's.

Favorite part on your bike right now?

Besides my SUPER SICK STRAPS I am stoked on my Phoenix fork. The thing is a beast and looks so rad.

Any projects or new adventures on the horizon for 2012?

Just trying to travel as much as I can. I really want to get out to London this summer along with Seattle, SLC, and Austin again. Over summer there might be something in the works...DVD?

To you, what does CSK represent?

The internet doesnt lie.

Do you have any questions for me?

Are you going to fight Jason Clary at RedBull 2?
Well, I did sit pretty close to his bag. He did however Facebook friend me so yeah, I don't really know what that means.

What does #SEAPUNK mean to you?
Something people refer to on Twitter that I don't understand.

If you had to choose between Nor-cal and So-cal what would it be?
Don't have much to base my decision off of as I've only been to SF for all of 52 hours and to Long Beach for just a few more. The trip to So-cal was pretty seamless, apart from the fact that Vinnie and Joe went to LAX to pick me up when I flew in to LBC. I also got to eat a grilled cheese sandwich with mac and cheese and pork in the parking lot of an Audi dealership with the entire FF crew, so that basically trumps any indecision in my mind right there.

Here is the most recent KVLT KLIPS in case you were stuck in a cave somewhere without an internet connection.