Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sean Coats' Hold Fast Subverter26 Up Close and Personal

Sean sent over a few sneaky photos of his newly built up Subverter26 Hold Fast frame.

Rumor has it that he's stacked a mean grip of clips from his recent adventures on the East Coast with Torey, Sam, Colin, and Tom. Pretty excited to see how he handles the new bike and those mean New York streets.

Frame: Hold Fast Subverter
Fork: NS RNS2
Bars: Fucked Up Prototypes
Grips: Edwins
Stem: Demolition
Sprocket: Unknown
Cranks: Resist
Pedals: Eastern
Straps: Hold Fast
Front Wheel: Alienation Black Sheep to Spike
Rear Wheel: H+Son Todestreib to a Sadio
Front Tire: Intense
Rear Tire: Resist

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