Friday, September 21, 2012

Thoughts On Filming

Chris dropped this picture from the other day up at TT. I've had a similar conversation with at least 5 people and recognized that it was time to share my experience and recent thoughts. Actually trying to film is intense. My hands get sweatier behind the lens than when I'm actually trying to get a line. So much pressure behind making sure that the angle is right, you don't chop their head off, and that you end at just the right spot. Throwing in the skateboarding aspect and fisheye lens complicates this 10 times over. Not only am I stressed about capturing the trick but also not hitting a crack and smashing the camera. The new gear has definitely opened up a world of opportunities that previously seemed untouchable. Definitely excited about the new opportunities and what's just around the corner for CSK and the family projects.

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