Saturday, July 21, 2012

K Birdie: Exclusive Bike Check

I received a treat email yesterday from my main Hong Kong man, Mr, K Birdie. Included was a little sneak peak of his current setup including some limited GREEN POWER Machete 4 piece bars, proto Machete 10t driver hub, and an all around bangin' BB17 Serpent 29er build. Check below for the full part list from the CAVS CREW master. 

Follow his activities here: MACHETE

Sup mang,

   Just shot some photo of my recent setup as we discussed before. With the green power Machete Slayer bar~haha
Check it out yo~ Exclusive for CSK~haha

Frame: BreakBrake17 Serpent 29er Frame
Fork: BreakBrake17 Cobra Fork V3
Headset: Primo headset
Stem: Primo Aneyerlator V2 Top Load
Handle Bar: Machete Slayer Bar *Green Power edition*
Grip: Cult Dak Grip
B.B.: Subrosa Bitchin' BB
Crank: Subrosa Bitchin' Crank 175mm
Sprocket: Spike 27T 4130 crmo sprocket
Pedal: Shadow ravanger pedal
Strap: YNOT
Chain: Shadow interlock v2 chain
Seatpost: Octane One Pivotal
Seat: Bone Deth Vibrator mid seat
Rims: H+SON Todestrieb 29" rim 36H
F. Hub: Madera
R. Hub: Machete Deaf 10T Micro Drive Hub prototype

F.Tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple 29 x 2.15
R.Tyre: Schwalbe Big Apple 29 x 2.0

Bb17 Serpent build

Machete limited Green Power 4-Piece Bars

Machete Deaf Microdrive Proto Hub

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