Tuesday, June 5, 2012

K Birdie for CSK

K Birdie
Well not too sure how to introduce this story as there is only a brief history behind it. K Birdie and I started talking a few months back. I told him I was headed to visit the Breakbrake17 crew in Taiwan and felt compelled to convince him to make the short trip over from Hong Kong. A few days before I left, he sent over a message sharing that he would be coming!
We met on the day I arrived and after only a few hours were cruising the streets. Pretty stoked to meet him in the flesh. We were able to hang for most of the week in Taipei and Taichung. He came on all of the sightseeing adventures and was a great travel companion. Pretty awesome to talk fixed gear politics and get a glimpse of his angle on things. He shared quite a bit about the up and coming things for Machete Bikes and I know you'll really be pumped.
On the second night of riding, K grabbed out his camera and turned the insanely bright light on me. We caught a few clips but I had no expectation that he would turn around and send this edit over my way yesterday. He came insanely prepared and equipped with camera gear, and was patient and encouraging. He even told me to not be sorry for missing the trick. Now that's some CSK moral support.
If you read this, it was great to meet you and I am looking forward to the next adventure (perhaps in HK?). Thanks for coming out to Taipei and for making this edit, it will always serve as a great memory for this trip!

He is definitely down with CSK for Life.

Here is what K had to say for this mini edit:

Stack some clips in Taipei & Taichung with CSK main head Jacob Ruff.
Not much bangers but it's all about style and silky riding. Murdering so hard for CSK.
Was so awesome hanging and riding with you. Wish to see you soon in Hong Kong or wherever.
One love. CSK 4 Life!!
Filmed & Edited: K Birdie

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