Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jumped In: Congo

Well, another week and we have yet another new CSK member to introduce. Please welcome Long Beach's Justin Congo Mitchell to the family.

Bit of a fuzzy memory around meeting Congo for the first time. I do however has a distinct memory of standing on a street corner in SF watching him try to converse with Nasty and Marco. Nothing in particular but I am pretty sure that there was quite a bit lost in the translation which led to lots of giggles and laughter. In Milwaukee we joined forces with the HOLD FAST / BMORE crew and got the backstage tour of the Bens Cycle Warehouse and also were were passengers in a fire cracker war with the Destroy van on the highway.

Not too much insight there but, needless to say, Congo has become, is, and will be a fixture in the Fixed Gear community for his solid riding and outgoing personality and character. Plus, he's got signature bars, so what else is there to say. Oh, there is something, I don't know if there is anyone I've watched flow in a bowl or on transition as well as this dude. Definitely makes it look half as awkward as it actually is.

We're really excited to have him join the ranks here at CSK. Stoked to support him and have his in return. Enjoy getting to know him.

CSK: Just to clear the air, what’s the story behind your nickname, Congo? Any affiliation with either of the similarly named African nations?
CONGO: yeah there was a myth of a boy named congo that would save all the kids fron kony. so untill i was born they named the african nation after me

Quarter air by MASHAFIX

How do you handle the daily pressures of maintaining your fixie god status?
with a 22.

There have been a few Macaframa screen shots of you floating around. How do you approach filming for a video part? Did you plan things out or just wing it?
no planing i just show up in SF and they take me around to spots and what not. im trying to have a 2 part section. riding trickies and fast bikes so im hopping the fast bike stuff comes out good

Which came first, the Matt Lingo backlit photo of you doing that strange tuck thing or the Resist logo?
haha the tuck. matt and i went to shoot photos for volume back in the day before resist and i wanted to get a hardcore jump photo and thats what came out... the resist logo

Congo resisting by Matt Lingo

So apparently, 700c did limit you. Give us the top 3 reasons for the switch to 26”.
1. more tire clerance
2. more legit bigger tires
3. to save some pounds because i couldnt take weight off of my dick.

I’ve decided to institute the brainteaser questions again, so here it goes. How many countries border the Democratic Republic of Congo and what are they? (*just to make it clear, your initiation in to CSK hangs on this response*)
18 dont feel like typing all that.

I get the impression that you have psychic powers and the ability to predict the future. Where will FGFS be in 3 years?
boobee all day will be the new president by then

Presta or Schrader?
i have it drilled for schader but i dont care what tube i use. it the valve fits it dont matter.

To you, what does CSK represent?
just a bunch of fancy ass niggas with collared shirts. i button mine all the way to the top.

Do you have any questions for me?
did you hear what happend?
Is that a rhetorical question?

Catch one of his latest bike checks from WOLFDRAWN. He works out.

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